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Searching For Sigmund Riedl

I have been looking at your Riedlologie web site. You have done an impressive job gathering up the information and preparing the web site.
I have recently retired and plan to spend some time looking for the long lost Sigmund Riedl. Gary Riedl from Cheyenne found the first information about Sigmund about 125 years after he disappeared! Gary found that Sigmund came to America in 1874 on the ship "Baltimore" which arrived in Baltimore, Maryland on June 29, 1874. Gary's information also showed that Johann arrived in New York on the ship Suevia on May 31, 1877. According to the verbal record, Sigmund disappeared somewhere around 1877-1878. Sigmund's initial location in 1880 was Baker, Oregon which was a gold mining area at that time. The last time there was information on Sigmund was in 1897 in Portland, Oregon. . The group that performed the search for Gary thought that Sigmund may have went to Alaska in the later 1890's as gold was discovered in Alaska at about that time
When we were young children, my grandfather, Frank J. Riedl, would tell us the stories about Sigmund's disappearance. It's just an interesting mystery that a number of us would like to solve!
Thank you for providing all the information on the Riedl family.
Joe Riedl