Leden 2009

I want to continue

28. ledna 2009 v 11:56 | Manfred Otto Riedl |  Search

I am Manfred Otto Riedl.

I am living in Denmark. I came to Denmark in 1962 (now I am 71 years old. If somebody is interested, please write, also in german language. I am looking forward to hear from you. I am born in Rudolec in the near of Sokolov (former Falknov). Our family hasbeen evacuated in 1946. I have a sister named Gerda. She is living in El Paso (Texas, USA). I also have a son: Jan Riedl(40), he has 3 sons: Rasmus(15), Frederic (10) and Jonas (5). They also are living in Denmark. To be continued another time. I would be glad, if someone is interestet in my writings. Bye, bye.
I now have got my own homepage:www.manfredottoriedl.dk. Until it is only in danish, but you are welcom to write in my guestbook on my homepage. I am also on www.facebook.com (only in danish, but you are also welcome to contact me on facebook in english or german language). I am looking forward to hear from someone.

e-mail: gunman@aol.dk, http://www.manfredottoriedl.dk