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I am Manfred Otto Riedl.

I am living in Denmark. I came to Denmark in 1962 (now I am 71 years old. If somebody is interested, please write, also in german language. I am looking forward to hear from you. I am born in Rudolec in the near of Sokolov (former Falknov). Our family hasbeen evacuated in 1946. I have a sister named Gerda. She is living in El Paso (Texas, USA). I also have a son: Jan Riedl(40), he has 3 sons: Rasmus(15), Frederic (10) and Jonas (5). They also are living in Denmark. To be continued another time. I would be glad, if someone is interestet in my writings. Bye, bye.
I now have got my own homepage:www.manfredottoriedl.dk. Until it is only in danish, but you are welcom to write in my guestbook on my homepage. I am also on www.facebook.com (only in danish, but you are also welcome to contact me on facebook in english or german language). I am looking forward to hear from someone.

e-mail: gunman@aol.dk, http://www.manfredottoriedl.dk

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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Now i continue my writing from the 28.1.09: I have now a WEB-site:www.manfredottoriedl.dk. I am also on face book manfred o. riedl.dk

I hope, someone will write something. greetings Manfred Otto Riedl

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As a 2nd cousin to Joe Riedl in Kansas...I am likewise interested in the search for our Great Great Uncle Sigmund Riedl.

He may have used altering surnames  ...including, but not limited to Riedl, Riedel, Riddle...etc.

So if any descendant or researcher comes up looking for any person with given name SIGMUND  with even a hint of a similar surname/family name ---->  please be sure & let us know.



...son of Gloria (Riedl) Marples.
..grandson of Adolph H Riedl Sr.
gr grandson of Rudolf Riedl 1857-1940
gr gr grandson of Johann Riedl 1821-1901.
...and  other ancestors in Sumvald, Czech Republic.

Best Regards.   Let's hope somebody responds eventually.

3 Josef Eduard Riedl Josef Eduard Riedl | E-mail | 2. prosince 2011 v 12:47 | Reagovat

Zajímá mne oblast riedlů Cheb a Žilina.
Rodina byla odsunuta do SRN.

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